What is Home Staging?

What it is that we do

We are Certified Staging Professionals

A Certified Staging Professional helps people get a higher return on investment when selling their homes. Staging is actually a three step process used to prepare a property for sale. It is a service that is executed by a professional to enhance the property presentation using lifestyle selling techniques. This is done to secure an acceptable offer from a buyer.

The Process

The Consultation

This provides a customized comprehensive recommendations for preparing the property for sale. I meet with the homeowner(s), tour property, take photos, record recommendations in detail room by room in the “Room Ready Handbook” which I leave with the homeowner(s). Then we would sit down and I would explain the handbook and discuss my recommendations . Then we will discuss budget and how to proceed. I will do up a quote for staging the home presenting the homeowner(s) with different options, good, better, best. This allows the homeowner(s) to pick the best option for them and their budget.

The Work

Completing the items identified as detractors from saleability. as mentioned in the Room Ready Handbook that was given to you in during the consultation step. You can save money by completing the work yourselves or have my company coordinate the work for them.


The truly important part. Once the property recommendations are complete we bring our team in to Showcase every room. The goal is to create unforgettable move in ready appeal, by amplifying the function of each room space and leaving a lasting impression with the buyer.

Is Staging just decorating?

Staging is different then decorating. Staging is a more universal style that appeals to the highest number of potential buyers when showing a property.

Yes! Most definitely…research shows that properties sell 78% faster with furniture then without. this is because most buyers can NOT visualize space with furniture, therefore they focus on the imperfections on walls, baseboards, doors, windows, and fixture. This will eat into the equity.

How about vacant properties… is there a need to stage them?

Canadian Staging Professionals

Ornamentation is certified Canadian Staging Professional

Certified Staging Professional based out of Parkland County, that works on home staging and interior decorating.

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